Kayak fishing in Hawaii doesn't get much better than this Veterans Day outing by the Uyeda brothers, Kevin and Gareth.

The brothers, from Central Oahu, are probably Hawaii's foremost (if not only) tandem kayak fishingteam and are quite used to epic days on the water... but this one has got to go down as the greatest to date!

Strong advocates of catch and release fishing and participants in Hawaii's Division of Aquatic Resources ulua/papio tagging program, Kevin and Gareth are part of a growing number of local folk looking to preserve the local fishery for the coming generations.

As a result of their local knowledge and team approach, the Uyeda brothers have probably released more fish than many of us will ever catch. Yet, even for them, this day was unbelievable! Fishing from their Ocean Kayak Zest II, the tandem anglers chocked up yet another extraordinary Hawaii Fishing Tale!

Here's how it went according to Kevin:

"We went out fishing at our favorite spot on the North Shore. The surf was pretty big that day, but luck (and knowledge of the spot) were on our side and we paddled out safely. The winds were supposed to be trades 10-20 mph, but they were almost non-existent and the water was smooth and glassy.

Due to the rain over the weekend, the water was chocolate milk brown with lots of debris on the inside. I rigged up some dead sardines that we caught and froze.

We paddled out so we could fish in clean water... then just as we cleared the brown water... BOOM! There were the ulua waiting for our bait to swim into the clear water.

The first ulua, measuring 36 inches, slammed our bait and almost flipped us over. We gaffed it in the mouth and decided to tag and release it. It was the biggest ulua we ever tagged.

Caught two smaller omilu before hooking into a second ulua.

This second ulua was the one we kept after all we had to bring something home to eat because Dad always tells us, "I can't eat the pictures!"

Then a third ulua hit... it was unstoppable. Broke our pole holder and screamed 100-plus feet of line on his first run (straight down) and cut the line on the reef below.

I thought the line was stuck on the reef when the fourth ulua (later measured out at 32 inches) hit. I handed the pole to Gareth and tried to paddle to free the line.

After a few minutes of tugging and paddling Gareth said, "I think this might be a fish." Right after that the fish came free of the reef and streaked away from the reef. Not sure how many minutes later, the fish was tagged, pictures were taken, and he swam away.

We had so much fun that we decided to call it a day even if we weren't out that long. Huge smiles were glued on our faces while we paddled to shore.


The Uyeda Brothers(Kevin & Gareth)"

Many thanks, Kevin & Gareth, for sharing and congratulations on some great fishing and releasing!!

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