From Ichthyology... to Potter's Wheel

He really seemed destined to be an ichthyologist but somewhere along the way, my brother and best friend, Bob Young, went in the direction of fine art.

The most avid fisherman in our family, Bob, was always interested in fish... his first science fair project being the conversion of a couple of saltwater fish to freshwater creatures... his first (and awfully good) pieces of art being pen or pencil drawings of leaping largemouth bass and marlin drawn on anything he could get his hands on... and then pursuing all of the fishing opportunities that Hawaii offers from fresh- to brackish- to saltwater fishing fare!

Finding little interest in college, Bob took a tour of Vietnam, courtesy the U.S. Army, during the peak of the conflict before returning to college.

Upon returning home he hit college again, this time as an art major, with nothing short of an academic passion that he hadn't felt even during his days as a preppie at Mid Pacific Institute.

Exploring painting, then subsequently settling deeply into ceramics, clay has become Bob's favorite venue for expression and has resulted in his being recognized both here in Hawaii and on the mainland.

"Down the Drain"

Today, Bob lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where after a long absence has recently returned to the "wheel." Fishing continues to be a large part of his life as he enjoys fly-fishing or bait-casting at their lakeside house in North Carolina. And wouldn't you know it... the artist in him makes it as exciting to create a new fly as it is to land one of those largemouth basses that he spent so much time drawing as a youth!

"Norfolk Boogie"

The amount of water between us makes it difficult to even think of when we'd be able to chase some fish together... but seeing a few of his latest pieces he did for a recent show, a donation for his church's auction, and a gift to his daughter's close friend... really took me for a walk down memory lane, a walk filled with great memories to hold me 'til we can cast some bait together!

"Coming Full Circle"

Bob Young, ceramicist... and one who's definitely come full circle!

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For questions or to request information on these or any other of his unique pieces, contact my brother directly... Bob Young Ceramics