Kayaking Kauai's Na Pali Coast

Despite having spent my entire life in Hawaii, I have yet to tour the Na Pali Coast, on the island of Kauai.

This summer my brother-in-law, Ed, along with three friends, kayaked the entire seventeen-miles from Haena State Park to Polihale State Park. Upon his return, he shared exciting stories about ocean vistas from cliffside trails, sea caves, the well known Kalalau Valley and Kalalau Beach, soaring waterfalls, Hanakapiai Beach and many breathtaking spots at which they had stopped, camped, hiked, dove, and fished.

I had every intention of providing a detailed account of their trek, but as I stared at the pictures it made me realize that words would be superfluous. Those of us fortunate enough to experience this dramatic coastline will have our own stories and memories. And those of us yet to visit can look forward to the beauty that lies in each of these photos.

Please enjoy!

An important thing to remember is that like Oahu's north shore, the winter surf makes the Na Pali Coast treacherous and virtually inaccessible by sea, so you'll want to plan your trips accordingly.


I hope, when my daughters are able... and willing, we will do the trip as a family. Until then, my thanks to Ed for sharing the experience!

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