A Big Halibut Dream Comes True!

Alaska fishing for big halibut, salmon, and cod has always been a dream of mine... maybe after the girls get out of college. And fellow church member, Jimmy Lum, has been increasingly whetting my desire to get up to Alaska to experience what so many Hawaii folks enjoy getting away to.

I've known Jimmy Lum since I was a kid, growing up in church. However it was only a few years ago that I discovered he was an avid fisherman, particularly one who made an annual pilgrimage to Alaska in pursuit of salmon and hopes to one day join the group of elite anglers sharing the joy of boating a 100-plus pound halibut.

The summer of 2008 turned out to be Jimmy's banner year. Here's his account of the remarkable fishing trip!

"After fishing 12 summers in Alaska, I finally got my 100 lb. halibut in August (2008) while fishing with Eden Lee and some friends.

We started out with an overnight in Juneau. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and after dinner we got fortune cookies. My fortune cookie note read “A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon.” Wow! Was God telling me I would be getting my 100 lb. halibut?


The following day we were picked up by the skippers from Anchor Point Lodge. Anchor Point Lodge is on Shelter Island which is about a twenty minute commute boat ride from Juneau. We were scheduled for four days of fishing on a 24’–26’ Cabin Cruiser with four people to a boat with the skipper.

We started fishing for black cod (butter fish). The second day we trolled for salmon all day and I just got one salmon.

We were told the salmon was late in coming in. The first two days the water was choppy and cold.

Our third day of fishing improved where we trolled for salmon in the morning and halibut in the afternoon when the weather improved.

The weather was good on our last day with some sunshine. We decided to fish for halibut in the morning and black cod in the afternoon.

After several drops I had a large halibut on my line that took 35 minutes to bring up. It weighed in at 141 lbs.!

A friend, Ellie Wong, on her first fishing trip here boated a 102-pound halibut during the trip, too!

Thanks be to God!"

And thanks, Jimmy, for letting us share your Alaska fishing tale!

Congratulations to both you and Ellie on your induction into the 100-plus Halibut Club!

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