From the Molokai Flats and Beyond!

Molokai fishing, like the fishing on all of the neighboring islands, holds a special appeal all it's own.

Blessed with sandy flats that deliver world class bonefishing, beautiful nearshore waters with vistas of the neighboring islands of Maui and Lanai, or the dramatic north side settlement of Kalaupapa, Molokai is a fisherman's dream come true.

Is there fly fishing on Molokai? Believe it, there is!

Among the best folks to help you enjoy the fishing that Molokai offers is Captain Clay Ching of Hallelujah Hou Fishing.

Offering both charter fishing trips on his 24' Powercat, the Hallellujah Hou, as well as guided fly fishing excursions on the island's flats, Captain Clay can truly offer you the gambit of Molokai fishing options from the shallowest water to open ocean fare.

What better excitement than walking the flats and spotting a double-digit bone finning less than ten feet away!!

One never gets over the "blue" of an omilu (bluefin trevally) the likes displayed by this beauty released to fight another day!

There aren't many charters that specialize in plying the waters just outside of the island's reefs and a day spent with Captain Clay will be a unique experience.... even if you've gone on sport fishing charters. Ching's local knowledge combined with his absolute love for waters surrounding his beloved Molokai are as much a part of his trips as any fish you might catch.

The waters just outside of the island's reefs are a feeding ground for exciting game like this giant trevally just tagged and about to be released.

Bottom fishing off the Hallelujah Hou can yield the best pelagics... or local favorites like this moana kali...

... and really big moana kali!

And what Chinese cook wouldn't be tickled to get the likes of this awesome weke nono to steam with ginger, oil, shoyu, onions, and cilantro!

If you get the chance to visit the friendly isle, Molokai, make sure an outing with Captain Clay is part of your trip. You'll truly enjoy not only the fishing he can share with you but his company as well!

Captain Clay Ching

Hallelujah Hou Fishing

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