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Kumu, aweoweo, mu, and tako (octopus) are all popular reef fish here in Hawaii and after a year of nagging, I finally got Dana Sato and his girlfriend, Kristin Kihune, to send in some photos of the fish they've been telling us about at church!

So finally, I get these photos of all their recent catches... and then I realize while some of us are wondering where to take our significant others so they'll let us go fishing, Dana simply gets to ask Kristin where she thinks they ought to fish! Talk about lucky!

Kristin displays their catch of a kumu and a tako after showing Dana how to bite the eye of the tako!

And while most of us would be thrilled with a nice omilu, Dana comes back with an omilu plus a tako to boot! Talk about complete meals! With this pair, Dana had a print made by Hawaii's well-known gyotaku artist, Naoki. Turned out to be one of the artist's popular prints.

Now when these guys come back with hauls like this, it's not luck. You gotta have the eye for these things... and oh, they are good broiled!

The aweoweo are these small red fish... except for this monster of Kristin's!

Okay, okay. I'm going to get myself one of those cowrie shell lures and start looking for some tako!

And Dana's prize to date, a good sized mu, and the second of his growing collection of gyotaku prints! Nice going, you two! Waiting to hear about your next catches!

First Fishing Report of 2007!

Dana files the first fishing report of 2007 with a great north shore experience on January 7, 2007!

"Sup Richard!

Just went fishing yesterday after church up near North Shore, and heres my catch! I threw my tako in and after about 3 minutes, hanapaa! It's a 5.75 lb oio, was a good fight!

Then right when we were about to leave I got lucky. I reeled in my rig and still had my bait and sinker but I was just practicing my cast so I threw it out again just for fun, and as soon as it hit the water, I started reeling, and within a second, I thought I was stuck. But then it kept shaking and pulling! Couldn't stop laughing as I was reeling in, and Kristin was in disbelief! Ended up being 1.75 pounds.

Good times!!!!"

Way to go Dana! Bet you enjoyed some good fishcake this week, huh?

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