Hawaii Sunsets... and Sunrises

Hawaii sunsets... and sunrises, have always been very special for me, especially on those days when we're out fishing as the sun rises on the horizon... or back in the days of waiting in the surf line-up for the last sets before the sun sinks into the west.

A scene just about every tourist to Waikiki has enjoyed, this particular one from a 20th-floor room of the Ilikai Hotel overlooking the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.
Indeed, life is wonderful living in scenes that postcards are made of. And while I've been in so many of these moments, each with its own special context, it's only recently I've tried to capture them... those brief minutes that separate night and day, or vice-versa. I'll be adding scenes as I'm able from Hawaii's dawn and dusk and I hope you'll enjoy the experiences as much as me.

Returning to the same balcony just an hour later treated us to the view of some of the Honolulu South Shore's night lights!
Sunsets are beautiful, wherever you are. If you happen to be at street level, amidst the crowd that's characteristic of Waikiki Beach, you'll find that everything seems to stop during those moments in which the sun casts its last rays over a reflective ocean and a silent explosion of color fills the sky. Understandably, this is one of the most photographed of all the Hawaii sunsets and, possibly, the most photographed sunset in all the world!

Our super artistic friend, Celia Doo, "catches the moment" at Kuhio Beach with her pocket camera.

Moving a little west, over to Kakaako Waterfront Park, you're in for a more solitary, yet just as spectacular vantage point to view another glorious day's end.

There's little more satisfying than having just cast out your baited lines and anticipating the first bite while contemplating yet another day in paradise... this one from the Waianae coast of west Oahu
One of my favorite spots to be at sunrise is the ridge over Lanikai, in Kailua. It's a short climb to an excellent vantage point. If only I could get my wife and daughters to wake up and join me. I keep hoping. In the meantime, I hope these photos will motivate them to enjoy the experience in person!

The ridge above Lanikai, in Kailua, offers a short hike to one of the prettiest sunrise experiences you'll find - that moment when the Mokulua Islands greet the morning sun.

And when that sun rises on a calm ocean with only a slight hint of a breeze... you know it's gonna be good day!

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