Hawaii Artists

Although I'm no artist, I've been extremely blessed knowing a few Hawaii artists who have achieved recognition in Hawaii's art community and beyond.

Some are as close as family and others I've come to know... I think you'll appreciate the wealth of talent that each of these Hawaii artists brings to Hawaii's art community... and the world.

Over the last few years, something really exciting has been happening in Honolulu! One of the most unlikely districts, that transition zone between Honolulu's Chinatown and the downtown business district, has been slowly transformed into the state's unofficial district for arts and culture. What used to be a downright seedy part of town, is quick becoming "the place to be" for exibiting local artists and their rapidly growing following of enthtusiastic admirers!


What started with a couple of art galleries and niche shops moving into some rennovated buildings has now become a magnet for more galleries, shops, retaurants, and entertainment facilities making for an art lover's dream place to shop and browse.

The Hawaii artists and business owners occupying this reinvigorated neighborhood have banded together to put on wildly popular monthly events the likes of which include First Friday, Second Saturday, and other similar events which attract a growing number residents and visitors alike.

Click on the artists' names below to view some of their works!

Jim Kawasaki, working out of the Big Island of Hawaii brings a lifetime of experiences in the ocean and hunting grounds into his unique forms of art that's catching on in a big way in some non-traditional art circles!

Linda Bessara, my kid sister, recently embarked on a mission to capture the beauty of Hawaii's flora with nothing but a point-and-shoot. But the results are stunning as you'll undoubtedly agree after perusing her site.

Like so many Hawaii artists, she relies on not much more than an eye for beauty to capture that with which our island home is so richly blessed. Spend some time at lsky enterprise... you will be impressed, I promise!

Bob Young My own brother is one of my favorite artists and seeing him progress from painting to fine ceramics has been a source of amazement and pride for all of us.

Not many can say the plate they're steaming fish in is a piece by an artist whose works are included in the permanent collection of the Honolulu Academy of Arts! Meet the guy with whom I grew up fishing, surfing,and everything else that brothers enjoy!

Louis Pohl Among the most noted of Hawaii artists, Louis Pohl has also distinguished himself as art educator, and mentor to budding artists. He specialized in painting, printmaking, cartoons, and has also authored and illustrated childrens' books.

Anna Farawell-Goo is a close family friend who never mentions much about her artwork. The first time I saw some of her paintings, I was in awe.. not just of her technical skills but even more of her ability to capture a deep inner sense of her subjects.

Anna has received prestigious recognitions at both the state and national level. I have seen many portrayals of the native Hawaiian but few so moving as those by Anna.

Paul Goo, long-time buddy and surfing fan has found a way to give surfboards a new lease on life by combining old-time techniques and green waste to produce a unique kind of master piece - surfboard art!

Mark Chai, long-time friend of my brother, was recently featured in the Honolulu Magazine the article of which resulted in us getting back in touch after 20-plus years! He was good then, and he's extraordinary now! Check out the fine pieces Mark produces from media you'd seldom expect.

Naoki Hayashi is Hawaii's formemost gyotaku artist--the technique of creating fish prints originating from Japan. Combining his own love for the ocean with this old Japanese art form, Naoki has certainly carved his own niche in both the spearfishing community as well as the art community here and abroad.

Gail Lindstom, Kailua stained glass artist, produces the vibrant colors and images of Hawaii beaches and other scenic points. A chance visit within our own neighborhood turns up a collection of beautiful pieces that really reflect the beauty of living in Hawaii!

Larry Zeidman, formerly of New York, makes his home on the Big Island in the small town of Hawi. An unexpected rain leads us to visit the Gallery which displays this artisan's beautiful turned and sculpted wood pieces!

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