Hawaii Stained Glass Artists...
Gail Lindstrom Casts The Colors
of Paradise!

Hawaii artists abound right here in our Kailua neighborhood as I was reminded the other week when we happened to meet a stained glass artist right near where we live!

It seems much of my "beachcombing" nowadays is done online via craigslist and it was through one such browsing session that I came to meet Gail Lindstrom, a stained glass artist a just a few blocks from our house!

I had called about a piano the Lindstroms were selling and ended up stopping by the house to see it.

The antique grand piano was a beauty but deserved a new owner with a little more means than we had for restoration but, during our visit, we were drawn to the stained glass pieces that graced different areas of the house and fascinated me, Dawn, and the girls... even more than the piano we had gone to see!

As Gail and her husband, John, took us to the piano John pointed out Gail's "shop" and explained, "this is where my wife does her stained glass." We began chatting about Gail's artwork and ended up wandering through her workshop and various parts of the house where different pieces were displayed.

We then started noticing wherever we looked in the house were pieces of beautifully crafted stained glass... framed works, as well as a spectrum of different applications like lamps, boxes, ornamental pieces, and other fascinating presentations of Hawaii scenes captured in Gail's own style and interpretation.

Wanting to add dimensionality to her pieces, Gail explained she had recently begun incorporating 3-dimensional stained glass components to the traditionally flat pieces, a move that seemed to place the pieces into the sculpture category! Very, very nice!

Gail is an active member in the Pacific Handcrafters Guild which boasts a membership comprised of many of Hawaii's finest artisans and crafters.

Gail's pieces are really impressive and present very vividly the colors and ambience of so many Hawaii scenes.

Add some backlight to any of her pieces and you'll definitely know the experience we enjoyed during our short visit... along with a good amount of Kailua hospitality!

Visit Gail's website, GlassbyGailHawaii.com for some beautiful reflections of Hawaii beaches and more!