Graphic Nature Hawaii
The Art of James Kawasaki

James Kawasaki is my brother-in-law and has always had an innate talent for art. From the days when he was in elementary school and won an award for a block print depiction of free-divers scouring the ocean with their three-prong spears, Jim has been able to capture his love for the ocean and just about anything else into a variety of different art forms.

The culmination of all his art experience is reflected in his own company, Graphic Nature Hawaii, through which he does custom artwork for motorcycles, special events, and fine art as well.

Upon seeing the most popular of his art pieces, airbrushed paintings on motorcycle tanks, one would easily see him as a niche artist. However, that particular venue is but a fraction of what Jim does - most of which is seldom seen.

I recently came across, by accident, some airbrush paintings he had done on two of my favorite fish - the marlin and mahimahi.

These paintings clearly demonstrated his ability to capture the essence of fish in their element, something which no doubt comes from the years spent pursuing both reef fish as well as pelagics long before bluewater spearfishing became the craze that it is today!

For most, capturing such detail on a canvas or other flat surface would be a challenge but for Jim, the curves of gas tanks, helmets, and any other surfaces for which he's hired to create his art seem not to phase him at all.

Visit Jim's website, and check out his artwork. His creations are usually by request and I can tell you the folks who've used him have been impressed, indeed!