As you'll see, Hawaii fishing comes in all forms and occurs at so many different places ranging from small mountain streams and reservoirs all the way to some of the most extreme sportfishing in the world. In Hawaii it's more than a sport. For many of us, fishing is a way of life and the way we "came of age" was in a large part tied to the kind of fishing we'd do.

In this site, I've tried to touch on the different forms of fishing that I've participated in but, truthfully, the sum of my experiences are like a speck in relation to all of the fishing "tales" passed on by folks I know.

This section of the website is a collection of some of the experiences passed on by friends and family that we were able to document with an account as well as some photos!

Whatever the venue, I think you'll agree its a love we all share!

Fishing Gallery 1 The Summer of 2006 begins with a bang on Oahu's North Shore!

Fishing Gallery 2 Summer starts turning into fall... and the fish are still biting!

Hawaii Spearfishing Spearfishing in Hawaii is as popular as it's always been! Here are some trophies!

Fishing Daze Flashback to Some Great Fishing Days!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 1

Makapuu Madness! Ed Kawasaki shares a crazy day at Makapuu, Oahu, complete with a marlin strike and an impressive uku (grey snapper)!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 2

Northshore Dream Run! Three hardcore yak fishers do a run along Oahu's North Shore on a windy day with great results! Where's Ike??

Hawaii Fishing Tale 3

Old Man And the Sea Yours truly recounts his biggest fishing story to date accompanied by Ed Kawasaki's usual great photos!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 4

Halalu Run At Kailua Beach In the heat of summer, Kailua Beach sees its share of halalu.

Hawaii Fishing Tale 5

Makapuu Beast! A day-off for Stu Seto turns into the stuff dreams are made of when he hooks into 20+ lbs of ulua off of Oahu's east side!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 6

Tribute to The Ulua! A bit of information on what many locals would consider to be Hawaii's top game fish.

Hawaii Fishing Tale 7

Fishing Midway Atoll A summer work project turns out to be the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Hawaii Fishing Tale 8

Girl Rules On Molokai Trip! A girl rules on this Molokai weekend fishing trip!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 9

Return To Molokai Brings Closure! A return trip to Molokai brings closure!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 10

The Best Ulua Kayak Fishing Yet! The Uyeda brothers hit their biggest fishing day to date from their tandem kayak fishing machine!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 11

First Ono From A Kayak! The Uyeda brothers hit their first ono while kayak fishing... and it's a big one!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 12

Uyeda Brothers Strike Again! The Uyeda brothers hit their second ono ... this one even bigger than the first!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 13

Mahimahi Run! The Uyeda brothers join some fellow kayak fishermen for an epic mahi day!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 14

Unusual Ulua Erik Smith goes spearfishing and brings back a not-so-common ulua!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 15

Big Halibut Jimmy Lum trips the light fantastic in Alaska with a 141-pound halibut!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 16

Molokai Fishing Captain Clay Ching adds fly fishing to his unique offering of Molokai Fishing Adventures!

Hawaii Fishing Tale 17

Big Ulua On Kauai LeeRoy Remigio lands his first ulua and lands himself in the 100-Plus Club!

Bookmark this page and come back often cause the season's just starting and there'll be a lot more tales posted as things get hopping! If you've got something you'd like to share, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we might be able to post it!

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