Hawaii Freshwater Fishing

So what’s a page about Hawaii freshwater fishing doing in hawaiibeachcombers? I know, there's a big difference between beaches and the banks of reservoirs, streams, and lakes. But despite those differences, there's some excitement waiting to be had in these almost secret freshwater sites!

Certainly, freshwater fishing in Hawaii might not carry the same image enjoyed as its shoreline and sportfishing counterparts… but there’s a lot more freshwater fishing action going on right here in Hawaii than many of us hardcore saltwater-types might realize!

While nearly every resident has seen Lake Wilson from the bridge entering or leaving the town of Wahiawa, relatively few are aware of the great fishing Hawaii's only lake offers!

I recently came across the congenial Stan Wright, co-star of Hawaii’s original fishing show, Fishing with Bruce Carter, back in the sixties!

I had been browsing fishing sites on the internet when I came across his son Chris’s website for his guide service, Hawaii Bass Fishing, for fishing in Lake Wilson.

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While I’ve seen so many features and articles of Hawaii freshwater fishing, none had ever made me want to get on a Hawaii reservoir or lake with my tackle… until now.


Perusing the photo gallery, I was awed by the size and the variety of fish they were pulling out of this Hawaii freshwater fishing resource. Here were beautiful bass, tucanare, bluegill, catfish, and other freshwater fare… most of which I never knew existed in Hawaii. At 400+ acres, Lake Wilson is Hawaii’s largest body of freshwater and, to my knowledge, offers the widest variety and largest specimens of these freshwater game fish.


Texas flyfisherman, Jerry Huerta, was right at home on Lake Wilson!

This story is only beginning. As I talked more with Stan about Lake Wilson and about his other fishing activities, we began talking about my brother, Bob, and his upcoming trip to Hawaii during which time he hopes to do some serious fly fishing. Fly fishing, you say? Hawaii fly fishing?? You bet! It's here, and it's good!

By fly reel or ultralight... it's just as much fun as Japan visitors, Nobuhiro Nakano can attest!

Bob, had relocated to Virginia over twenty years ago and while there had developed a love for flyfishing and while we've always talked about him getting back here to try the flats of Kaneohe Bayand Keehi Lagoon, the brisk tradewinds always made it a very tentative plan.

We're thinking Lake Wilson might be that guaranteed spot to try his casting skills... and maybe some of his dry flies, too!

Hirouki Abe, from Japan, reminds us that fishing is not a men's world... not by a long shot or a plastic grub!


We’ll be hooking up with Stan and Chris this August to do some fishing together and, hopefully, send Bob back to Virginia with some Hawaii flyfishing tales!

Look for some pages of our Hawaii freshwater fishing adventures to be up on the website in late August!

Randall Sakai reminds us all that flyfishing is alive and thriving in Hawaii!

In the meantime if all of this talk of Hawaii freshwater fishing has got you yearning for a calm and tranquil lake, drop by HawaiiBassFishing.com.

Better yet, set up a fishing outing with these guys as I’m confident it’s going to change a lot of notions you might have about Hawaii freshwater fishing… or any freshwater fishing for that matter!

To Stan & Chris, mahalo for the use of your great photos! Looking forward to some good freshwater action this summer!

"Carolina On My Mind"

Summer came and went and my brother, Bob, and I didn't have a chance to fish during their all-too-short trip over here during the summer but he sent these photos of a largemouth bass he caught off of his pier over in Lake Gaston, North Carolina! Bob is really the fisherman of the family and since moving to Virginia some twenty years or so ago, he's taken up flyfishing and lately has gotten into the bait-casting craze!

Here's his account of a great Veteran's Day: "The bass pictures I sent are of the one I caught on Veterans’ Day at the lake. 5lbs, on my new Abu Garcia Baitcasting reel – casts really far – in fact, I caught it out front of Barney’s dock, casting from my dock! Fran was sleeping, but ran down to get pictures of that baby."

I always used to wonder what could make someone who loved fishing as much as Bob decide to live outside of Hawaii. Each time he sends his fishing news I understand a little more! Talk about a wonderful Veteran's Day for this Vietnam vet, huh? Looking forward to more action from North Carolina!

In addition to his fishing, Bob is also an exhibiting ceramicist with a string of awards and recognitions for his works in clay!

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