Almost anywhere in Hawaii where there are waves, you'll find folks bodyboarding. From knee-high shorebreaks to such famous spots as Pipeline and Waimea Bay, you'll find a range of riders from simple frolicking in the waves to some of the most extreme surfing you could imagine!

In Hawaii, it all started as paipo-boarding. Flat boards, generally made of plywood, were cut to shape then used with or without the help of fins. For so many of us Hawaii youth, paipo-boarding was a favorite pastime as we made our own boards and were able to walk to the beach!

Then Tom Morey revolutionized the sport with his Boogey board, a soft-bodied foam board that offered speed, resilience, and a lot more bouyancy than the old wooden boards, an innovation that gave birth to a new surfing craze!

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Left: Jeff Hubbard - Banzai Pipeline, Oahu. Below: One happy local - Off The Wall, Oahu. (Photos courtesy R(B)I Ryan Beppu Imagery)

Over the years, the soft, flexy polyethylene bodyboards were improved by more advanced outlines, special hard bottoms, and internal stiffeners to give the "boogie-boards" significantly improved performance while maintaining the "softness" that made them so popular back in the late-sixties when they were first introduced.

The speed, lightness, and agility of these boards allowed riders to tackle extreme waves like giant shorebreaks and steep fast reef breaks while adding spectacular aerials and tube-time to their growing bag of tricks.

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In Hawaii kneeling and, for a few, standing on the small boards have become somewhat of a local trademark and the ranks of finned surfers in Hawaii continues to grow with the warm waters and wide variety of surf conditions offered by Hawaii beaches.

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Thanksgiving 2005...
unidentified rider gets eaten by shorebreak - Waimea Bay, Oahu.
(Photo courtesy R(B)I Ryan Beppu Imagery)

Ryan Beppu, born and raised in Honolulu, spent a number of years in California managing a surf shop and making custom bodyboards. Recently, he returned home to Hawaii to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer specializing in the ocean activities he loves. His love and deep knowledge of bodyboarding, bodysurfing, and surfing are evident in his awesome shots at some of Hawaii's best bodyboarding and surfing spots! Check out more of his work at Beppu Photo.


A visit by one of my best buddies was reason to head out to the North Shore to check out the increasing swell. With some nice offshore winds and 10'-plus swell on the rise, we were treated to some spectacular surfing and a few choice bodyboarders as seen in the sequence below:

No matter how often you see the Pipeline, it's always exciting! Click here for a few more shots of some board surfing at Banzai Pipeline!

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In a world of pop-out boards, Ballistic Bodyboards, a Hawaii company puts out what might be the best bodyboards, period!

Take a look at how Carlos Rios is putting out Custom Bodyboardsthat are developing a larger following with each season!

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Ballistic BodyboardsCheck out Carlos Rios over on Hawaii's east side... I'm confident he's putting out the best bodyboards out on the water! Ballistic Bodyboards offers proven designs which are enhanced by equally impressive construction detail and technique! Check them out!

East Coast Bodyboarding They're as crazy on the mainland east coast as we are here... maybe even crazier when you feel how cold that water is! Here's a great source for information on East Coast Bodyboarding!

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