For many of us, the closest we get to an ulua, one of Hawaii's most popular game fish, is at an aquarium or, like this one, at Pacific Beach Hotel's Oceanarium Restaurant!

Fellow kayak fisherman, Stuart Seto, sends a report of a dream day out on Oahu's east side!
Thanks for sharing, Stu, and congratulations on a great fish!

Richard.... boy was I fortunate not to work yesterday (Friday)... I went to look at the conditions at Makapuu, they were real calm. Went around the corner toward sandy beach but the the wind was not as good.... decided on Makapuu and Rabbit Island.

Rigged up with frozen oama, weke and akule and packed 2 yozuri plugs also... launched near Sea Life Park.

Paddled over toward the light house and whipped with the plugs, nothing. Changed lines for awhile and sunk some oama down deep right in the middle of the bay.... nothing.

Rigged again with akule.. and paddled over toward Black Rock and Rabbit Island... the beast struck right at the tip of the outside portion, near the 2 or 3 rocks that stick out. Usually there is a lot of surge and you have play it pretty cool... 4 runs, 2 about 25 yards. I had him on 30 lb main and leader...did not want him going toward Black Rock.

Fortunately the fight took place in somewhat deeper water away from that ledge. The beast weighed 19 lbs on my rusty hook scale, possibly near 23lbs.

Keep fishing!