The opportunity to visit, let alone fish, on a coral atoll is something most of us will never experience. This summer my neighbor, Ian Taylor, got to do just that while on a work project on Midway Atoll.

Ian, a true beach-lover, had a few unforgettable moments when they were able to break away from their work and experience a level of fishing almost beyond belief!
Ian Taylor displays one of the giant ulua he caught on the Midway Atoll!

Probably the most famous of the northern Hawaiian Islands, Midway is also one of the farthest up the chain of islands and atolls that lie northwest of Kauai.

The small number of visitors to the islands, combined with strict conservation and wildlife preserve regulations maintain an environment of pristine abundance which sharply contrast the deteriorating remnants of facilities and structures that characterized the island while it was an outpost for the U.S. military during World War II.

The underwater geography, comprised of reefs, deep and sudden drops, lagoons, and sandy beaches offer virtually every kind of condition conducive to great fishing both from the shore as well as offshore.

Scenes like this gigantic school of moi working its way along the beach were not at all uncommon.

The abundance of sought-after gamefish like papio, moi, kahala, and ulua made for an anglers dream and Ian and his fellow project workers had found conditions very much like what the ancient Hawaiians had enjoyed!

Project co-worker, Phil, proudly displays his moi which would make a king drool!

Back in the days of old Hawaii, moi were reserved for royalty due to the fish's superb taste and texture. Most locals will agree that fried or steamed, moi is truly hard to beat!

Phil displays a kahala, close cousin of the ulua, caught from one of the atoll's sandy beaches.

The ulua, giant ulua, were so plentiful that Ian and his friends were landing them during the day... at night...

...and then releasing them to fight again and proliferate in this fisherman's Eden!

No doubt, the summer of 2006 will be one of Ian's most memorable. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Ian!