Molokai Papios

Earlier in the year, Dana Sato shared his account of his girlfriend, Kristin, and her first big papio while fishing on Molokai. As the trip went, Dana came back with not much more than the pleasure of witnessing Kristin's exciting fight with the papio. And while that was good, there's nothing more than the thrill of the bite 'n fight on your own pole, right?

So this time, it was Dana's turn! Here's the story straight from the fisherman himself:

"Hey Richard!

Molokai calls again! We just went this past week since it's fall break. When we first got there, we decided to whip during high tide and got 2 white papios.

Then we decided on some night fishing to see if we could get lucky again. And God provided yet again!

We found a bay that we never tried before, and got set up by about 5:30 p.m. We bait-casted for awhile, and while we waited, picked some opihi.

After a puhi and several cut lines, we decided we would leave at 7:00, considering we were getting hungry and not pulling anything up. At 6:59, I stood up, and started packing my backpack with ropes and bells. Jokingly, Kristin and I were telling the fish that they had 1 more minute before we left.

At exactly 7:00, guess what? Bell starts ringing and pole starts bending! AURYTE! After a quick fight using my Senator 4/0 and a Nitro Heavy, and along with Kristin's help, we landed another nice Mu.

Can't wait for our next trip!"

Thanks for sharing, Dana! We can't wait for your next trip, too!