After filing the first fishing report for 2007, Dana Sato tells me he and Kristin (see Fishing Gallery 2) were heading to Molokai the following week. For any who have been there, you know how exciting that can be with all of the uncrowded beaches to pick from all of which offer great prospects for Hawaii's top gamefish from the shore!

Although Dana got a big strike, the cards had it for Kristin to come home the big winner this time as you'll see in this Molokai fishing tale!

One of the nicest parts of fishing is after the lines have been put out and you start to relax with nothing but the anticipation of a strike as the sun sinks slowly into the horizon!

Dana hooks into something big and fights it for awhile while the sun sets. But this trophy was not to be on this occasion and the fish was lost. We all know the feeling!

As the day goes on baited lines in the water leave something to hope for...

And with that hope, Kristin secures her pole after casting out her line.

Then the sweetest sound to a fisherman... the bell starts ringing!

The excitement of playing the fish on a reel and rod is an experience that you never forget or outgrow!

Especially if it's your first big papio! Congratulations, Kristin! Nice fish... and great picts, Dana! Thanks!