An ono while kayak fishing is a dream fulfilled!

For many of us kayak fishing enthusiasts, our first exposure to the exciting world of deep water kayak fishing comes in the form of hooking into mahimahi, ulua, or maybe a kawakawa. But after experiencing the joy of any of these, it's a natural thought progression to dream about landing a good-sized ono (wahoo) or ahi (yellow-fin tuna) both of which are a little harder to come by on a kayak and a bit more finicky when offered bait on the slow troll of a paddler.

For the Uyeda brothers, Kevin and Gareth, 2008 started with an ulua fishing talethat was virtually impossible to beat... at least, perhaps, until they hooked into their first ono.

The experienced and savvy tandem kayak fishing duo put their signature on the board by way of a 41.65-pound ono in the 2008 Aquahunters Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tourneyand it's hard to think they'll be beat in the ono category even with the tournament running through September!

Here's Kevin's account of yet another dream day!


We finally got our ono! How's this story... We wouldn’'t believe it if it didn’t happen to us. I still have trouble believing it.We were paddling around in the most beautiful kayaking conditions. The sun was shining, clear water, and little to no wind.

We start fishing a drop off, and for awhile...nothing.

While paddling across the drop off again, we see something swimming with us to our left. Mr. Ono! We almost say it in unison, “ONO!”His colors were so bright, stripes running down his back, blues and silvers sparlking up at us. Then he started stalking us, I lost sight of him when he finally decided to strike... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Line peeling out of the reel at an enormous rate and, to make things crazier while this is happening, the beak of a sailfish breaks the surface and starts knocking our other bait around! We had to land the ono, and the sailfish lost interest while we were battling the ono and was never to be seen again. Back to the ono...

After a series of runs toward and away from our kayak and a final desperate run straight down, we landed the Mr. Ono, dragged him onto the kayak. While paddling our catch in we were joined by a school of mahi. After an hour of trying to get them to hit withno success, we decided to paddle in and call it a day.

Ono, or wahoo, is a popular fish for grilling, smoking, and pan frying!I wish we had more pics, but we were so excited that we forgot to take more. We paddled in, rushed to Naoki's to get a gyotakuprint made, cleaned the fish, and shared it with all our neighbors.

Ate some that night. Sashimi and fried the wonder it's named ono! =)


Many thanks, Kevin and Gareth, for sharing what will be a hard tale to top this year and probably for years to come! Best wishes for continued success in the tournament and in all of your fishing. We're all looking forward to the next report!


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